Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (vent/rant)

That's what I say to the man (Idiot Liar) that caused the accident my mom was involved in on Saturday afternoon. What a jerk that guy is! He told the insurance company that the accident was not his fault. Um, excuse me?!! So, just because he was driving a truck, pulling a utility trailer which was not properly secured and it came loose going across the road, head on into my moms car, he is not at fault? I think not! This man also told his insurance company that my mom was talking on the phone when the accident occurred. Again, I think not! Plus, we have proof--yep, we lowly civilians have the right to view our own cell phone records! Guess what? It PROVES that she was NOT talking on the phone at the time the accident occurred. And guess what else? Even if she was it doesn't matter--still not her fault that the Idiot Liar didn't properly secure the trailer he was pulling with his company truck....yep, that's right folks, a company truck. And here's a picture with a clear name of the company:

The back of the truck

Sounds to me that someone is trying to lie to keep from getting in trouble--the ole deflect routine. You know...we all id it as know you did something wrong, and you know you're caught....but your brother (or sister) was doing something bad, I'll tell on them and maybe I won't get in as much trouble. You know it?? I know I tried it!
So, yesterday my mom speaks to a lady at the insurance company of Idiot Liar who tells mom that they may not be 100% liable if she was on the phone. She also wanted to know why mom didn't try to stop to avoid the accident. WTH??!!!
So, think about the options you have in a split second when a utility trailer is coming at you from the other side of the's not like she was behind him and could see that there was a problem. It happened in an instant!
Here are some pics of moms car:

Oh, and did I mention that Idiot Liar also told his insurance company that there was no damage to moms car? How many lies is that now? 3!
Granted, there's very little body damage. Her windshield is busted..but the real damage is under the car. Idiot Liar must have forgotten about the gallons of gas and oil spilling from the car! That couldn't possibly mean damage, could it? Hmm.....
I will now tell you that as of this morning, the insurance company contacted mom to let her know they were accepting 100% liability for the accident. Hmm, I wonder how they came to that conclusion? Oh, I bet it was the witnesses, maybe the evidence? So, now an adjuster will be going to look at moms car. They will likely total it out. I just really think it's a shame that this man has represented his company in this way. I had never heard of this company before this accident, and it's unlikely that I would need their services (farm eqip), but I would be less likely to do business with them because of the way their employee and insurance company have treated my mother. We do have friends and family who may do business with them, if so please keep this in mind.
*****Thank you to a fellow blogger for giving me this information: for more information on dangerous trailers, please check out
I had no idea of the number of accidents and deaths that occur due to trailers that are not properly secured.


  1. First of All!!! you have a wounderful family!! Imagine if your children lost their grandmother??? Do you really know how close you were to losing her? Now that this company knows or might know of my web site... they might treat you a little differently!! If you need a contact for any help.. I have a few people who are experts in this field.

    If you did not post this information I would have never known about this accident. The point is... I have two children and I would love to share them with you.. I have a 4 year old girl and a 9 year old son. The point is people are getting killed by these un regulated trailers and our for some reason Our Government does nothing.

    I have put my family on the line and I have used up my equity not in going on vacations... my little girl wants to go to Disney... but we just can't not while I think saving people's lives is more important.

    When you get a moment please see this video... and see who has been taken... not by an accident but by complete negligence....

    Now look at what our State crash team said back in 2006

    and guess who has quashed this.. the trailer industry...

    Here is the last page of the Crash Team's Report:

    "In Summary, this crash was caused when a homemade trailer detached from the pick up
    that towed it. It struck a Cadillac traveling in lthe opposing lanes of traffic, fatally
    injuring the driver. Trailers are a special class of vehicle and all are subject to some
    requirements regarding lights and chains. While the Code exempts some smaller trailers,
    those designed to carry over 3000 pounds are required to have brakes and to be inspected
    beyond the initial visual confirmations of a VIN plate.

    CHAINS AND HITCHES. The purpose of this TECHNICAL ALERT is to draw attention
    to the POTENTIAL dangers of unsafe trailers on roadways in the Commonwealth. In many
    cases, towed trailers may be in OBVIOUS violations of safety codes that relate to lighting,
    braking and inspection requirements. Wherever possible, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS
    should be trained in ways to quickly and easily identify such vehicles. In other cases, a trailer
    may meet all legal requirements but still be hazardous when used in transportation. THE TEAM

    I did not write this the crash team did. Can you guess what's been done so far???
    NOTHING!!!!!!! Except to push me away, I asked for help and all I get in return is a
    revision to my law trying to undo it. This is not the way it should be........

    Can you guess what has been done.... NOTHING..

    The question I would like you to know... If I just give up because I can't afford to keep fighting these corporations who make a product that has no standards... who is going to take my place?


  2. Just a thought....

    Now that they might know of my web site... you have a decision to make. If a person can bring legal action against McDonalds over a cup of coffee.. then companies will continue to cause this type of accidents because they know no regulations are in place for these trailers. If this carless person should have taken your Grandmother what would your State Charge him with?

    So the point is until they are made to pay.. they will continue to fight efforts to improve this issue because it is cheeper to pay a claim then to spend money and profits to fix this issue.

    If you need to call.. 804-837-0086 cell we need people to stand up and make a difference.. look at what they are doing to me.. don't sign anyting until you seek council!!!

    Pollard’s record on public safety becomes issue in campaign
    Kat Ballentine 12.SEP.07

    Pollard is also taking heat from transportation safety advocates who opposed his draft legislation to exempt mesh trailers under three thousand pounds from state inspection. Traditionally, Virginia legislation required that trailers weighing less than 3,000 pounds have either two or more reflectors of an approved type, or at least 100 square inches of reflective material, to outline the rear end of the trailer. In 2005, Pollard patroned legislation which would have redefined a utility trailer so as to exempt it entirely from the requirements of approved reflectors or reflectorized material to outline the trailer. Pollard’s bill (HB4290) defined a utility trailer as a device “whose body and tailgate consist largely or exclusively of mesh and whose end extends 18 inches or more beyond its tail lights.”

    In 2005, the year of Pollard’s bill to reduce regulation of utility trailers, he received more than $3,200 in campaign money from Richmond and national lobbyists for transportation interests, including independent auto dealers and trucking interests, according to records maintained by the Virginia Public Access Project ( Public safety crusader Ron Melancon, who successfully lobbied to remove Pollard’s definition of a utility trailer from the final bill, accuses Pollard of acting at the behest of the trucking and transportation industry to the detriment of public safety.

    In an interview this week, Melancon noted that under Pollard’s attempted legal change, anyone could build a trailer under 3,000 pounds without any inspection requirement or trailer-outlining reflection. Campaigning on behalf of public-safety interests in 2005, Melancon convinced senators that under Pollard’s bill, one could have a mile-long trailer with only a single set of tail lights positioned 18 inches from the bumper. Melancon keeps a registry of all of the accidents involving defective utility trailers at, and his registry now includes the recent Bay Bridge accident that claimed three lives this spring. In 2005, the State Senate’s focus on examples of the evident danger doomed Pollard’s attempt to relax safety standards.

    and now we have a congressman who is being paid off by the Utilty Trailer industry...

    Carry-on Trailer Inc

    Location: Lavonia, GA
    Industry: Miscellaneous Manufacturing

    >From through (select all years )
    All Receipts Cash In-Kind Loans Contributions Totaling $5,000
    Amount Date Committee Description
    $2,500 03/21/2007 Wittman for Delegate - Robert Cash Donation
    $2,500 09/27/2005 Wittman for Delegate - Robert Cash Donation

  3. Are you from Tennessee? Here a just a few of over 2,000 news articles...

    Knoxville News-Sentinel, The (TN) - July 4, 1991

    Hours before the July 4 holiday officially began Wednesday, a Knoxvillewoman was killed when a small, flatbed trailer broke loose from a pickup truck, crossed Interstate 75 and slammed into her vehicle.Authorities said Helen Hammack, 36, died on impact while driving southbound on Interstate 75 north of Callahan Road about 2:10 p.m.+ Hammack of Branson Avenue was driving a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck approaching Callahan Road when the trailer came loose from a northbound 1991 GMC driven.

    The Commercial Appeal - November 18, 1994

    Savannah man killed in crash
    Charles H. Kelley of Savannah was killed Thursday morning when his car collided with a boat trailer that came loose from an oncoming truck, said officials. Kelley, 40, was northbound on Tenn. 128 when the boat and trailer came loose from a truck driven by James H. Kerr, 56, of Savannah, said Tracy Scott, dispatcher for the Tennessee Highway Patrol at Jackson.The accident happened at 6:35 a.m., 14 miles south of Savannah, Scott said....

    The Knoxville News-Sentinel - July 8, 2000

    Two OR executives killed in freak accident, Loose utility trailer crashed into car
    OAK RIDGE -- Two top-level executives of the company that provides security services for the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Reservation died in a freak traffic accident Friday morning, police said. Walter N. Ferguson III and John E. Johns were killed when their car collided with a utility trailer that had come loose from a pickup truck.Ferguson, 57, of Knoxville was president of Wackenhut Services Inc.Johns, 52, of Walland was director of personnel security for...

    Tennessean, The (Nashville, TN) - March 27, 2006

    Crash blocks I-65 lanes; 2 people sent to hospital
    Southbound traffic was routed off of Interstate 65 after a pickup truck hauling a trailer crashed and blocked the lanes near mile marker 103 in Sumner County last night. A LifeFlight helicopter took two people to Vanderbilt University Medical Center after the wreck, which occurred when the trailer they were pulling came loose. The driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle, said Melissa McDonald, Tennessee Highway Patrol spokeswoman.The truck ran off the road, crashed and trapped the...

    Commercial Appeal, The (Memphis, TN) - September 1, 1997

    A 2-year-old girl died Sunday, the second fatality of a Saturday accident in which a runaway 550-gallon diesel tank broke loose from a pickup truck and struck a Ford Escort.The accident occurred on Ark. 33 at the intersection of Interstate 40 about 14 miles west of Brinkley late Saturday morning. Fabian Robinson, 27, of Des Arc, the driver of the Escort, was killed.There were two passengers, Karen Adkins, 23, and Brianna Adkins, 2, both of DeValls Bluff, in the car. The child was...

    The Knoxville News-Sentinel - December 13, 1998

    Trailer comes free, crosses interstate, causes fatal wreck
    A Knoxville woman was killed Saturday in an unusual accident on Interstate 40. According to Knoxville police, Joyce Hinton Proffitt, 41, of Deerfield Road was traveling eastbound on I-40 about 11:30 a.m. when her vehicle was struck by a trailer that had broken loose from a truck driven by Marvin Wayne that was traveling on the on-ramp to I-40 from Interstate 275. Police said the trailer broke free, traveled down an embankment, and crossed the westbound lanes of I-40 and the median before...

    Herald-Citizen (Cookeville, TN) - October 2, 2001

    Algood man victim in White County wreck
    An Algood man was killed in a traffic accident in White County on Saturday afternoon, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.The death of Harris Eldridge Jr., 49, of Circle Road, Algood, was caused by a utility trailer which came loose from another vehicle and hit Eldridge's car head-on, according to the THP.It happened on Highway 136 near the Saylors Crossroads area in White County on Sept. 29 just after 1 p.m., according to a report by State Trooper Brian...

  4. Ron, Thank you so much for all of the informaion you've provided. I've given it to my mother. We will certainly be reviewing all of the information you've given. I'm shocked at the number of cases involving trailers that were not properly secured....I really had no idea.

  5. Dear Missy:

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback..... I am glad to help.. Today.. in Virginia guess what I came across?? A pick up not a vermeer truck but they were towing a VERMEER trailer.... it looks in poor condition and the trailer was hooked up wrong on the pick up. I will post tonight....Under Updates and then weekly violations

  6. My goodness. That is terrible. I'll be sure to let my mom know and I'll check our your website this weekend!
    Thanks for the update.